Statutory Accounts
Statutory Accounts must be prepared annually by all limited companies and by law these must be submitted to Companies House within 9 months of the company’s year-end to avoid penalties. We can prepare these Accounts for your company and submit them for you online.
Management Accounts
Your company could benefit from either monthly or quarterly management accounts, to aid decision making within your business and provide up-to-date information and feedback on your financial performance.

We can prepare these for you and tailor them to your own needs.
Corporation Tax
Corporation tax is due on any limited company profits made during a financial year. We can prepare your company’s Corporation tax computation and submit the Return online to HMRC within the deadline of 12 months after the end of the accounting period.

Companies have to settle their Corporation tax liability 9 months and a day after the end of their accounting period. We can advise you of the correct amount to pay, and remind you when it is due.
Personal Taxation
Many individuals are required to file annual taxation returns giving details of their taxable income and tax allowable expenditure, usually on or before 31st January. We can prepare your taxation return and file it on your behalf.

Personal Taxation payments are due on 31st January and 31st July. We can advise you of the correct amount to pay and remind you when it is due.
National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
NICs are a cost to individuals and companies which have increased significantly over the past few years.

We can advise you how to keep your NICs as low as possible and file the necessary documents to put our advice in place.
We can prepare the payroll for your employees and calculate your monthly or quarterly PAYE and NI liabilities using our ‘QuickBooks Payroll’ system. We can also assist you in setting up a new PAYE scheme if you have not previously been an employer.

Our systems are fully able to cope with online filing and the regulations for RTI (Real Time Information) processing.
Value Added Tax (VAT)
We can assist your business with the preparation and online filing of VAT returns with HMRC.

Payment dates for VAT returns vary and we can advise you how and when to pay your VAT.
Cash Flow and Budget Forecasts
We can assist you with the preparation of cash flow and budget forecasts, often required by banks, and also monitor the financial performance of your business. We can also provide you with a financial model if you wish to complete your own reviews.
Company Formations
We can help you assess the pros and cons of the various options available to you when setting up a new business.

Should you decide on a limited company, limited liability partnership (LLP), or a Community Interest Company (CIC), we can assist you with its formation and registration with Companies House.
Secretarial Services
On an ongoing basis, we can assist with all company secretarial matters, such as the online filing of annual returns, changes to company directors and secretaries, changes to company year-end and shareholdings.

If required, we can maintain your statutory books and records and you may use our address as the Registered Office for your company.
Taxation Advice
As part of our overall service we actively ensure individuals and companies keep their taxation liabilities as low as possible.

We also advise clients in advance of transactions they undertake to either significantly reduce or defer their taxation liabilities.
Taxation Enquiries
The Inland Revenue can enquire into a tax payer's affairs. We can guide tax payers through this process and if necessary negotiate a settlement with the Inland Revenue.

Our clients have the option of taking professional fee insurance to cover costs should the Inland Revenue select their file for an enquiry.